Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Participation: By joining the WillBrite Affiliate Program, you accept these terms.  Affiliate Links: Affiliates get a unique link. Ensure it's used properly for sales tracking. WillBrite isn't liable for link errors.  Commissions: Earn from sales via your tracking links.  Payments: Issued within 30 days after month-end.  Refunds: Commissions are deducted for sales that are refunded or charged back.  Termination: WillBrite can end any affiliate’s participation for breaches or fraud. Affiliates lose pending commissions upon termination.  Liability: WillBrite isn't liable for indirect losses or damages, including lost profits, related to this agreement.  Term Changes: WillBrite can modify these terms. Continued program involvement indicates acceptance of changes.  Governing Law: Governed by Nevada laws. Disputes handled in Nevada courts.Joining the WillBrite Affiliate Program means you understand and agree to these terms.  

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